Stadler Rail: The technologically-advanced FLIRT/TILO train arrives in Poland

Katowice is the first stop in the FLIRT train’s promotional tour of Poland, culminating in the grand opening of Stadler Polska’s assembly plant in Siedlce.

The technologically-advanced FLIRT/TILO train (Fast, Light, Innovative, Regional Train), produced by Stadler, entered the Dworzec G³ówny station in Katowice at 10.15 a.m. Katowice is the first stop in a promotional tour of the FLIRT/TILO, which travelled to Poland all the way from Bussnang (in the Thurgau canton) in Switzerland. The guests invited by Stadler Rail AG and Stadler Polska were able at first hand to experience the 21st century FLIRT train, which offers passengers maximum comfort. Similar trains are being assembled at Stadler’s Polish plant in Siedlce, to be officially opened next Wednesday, 5 September. These modern trains were designed for regional and urban passenger transport, of which Stadler Rail is one of Europe’s leading specialists. Stadler’s first Polish customers are the voivodships of Silesia, which ordered four FLIRT trains and Mazovia, which ordered ten FLIRT trains, as a result of a joint tender. “Katowice marks the start of our grand tour around Poland, and the city is especially important to us, as the Silesia region has already ordered four of our FLIRT trains. We are excited to be making this tour and looking forward to opening our Polish assembly plant next week,” said Stanis³aw Skalski, Sales Manager Central ad Eastern Europe Stadler Bussnang AG. In Katowice the train was greeted on the platform by representatives of local and voivodship authorities, rail and tram companies, journalists, politicians and university academics. The FLIRT/TILO train is now continuing its journey round the Polish regions, providing a unique opportunity for local community leaders to experience this modern electric passenger train. Stadler will present FLIRT tomorrow, 31 August, at Wroclaw’s Dworzec G³ówny station, and on Monday, 3 September, at Poznañ G³ówny station, before heading off to Siedlce on Wednesday, 5 September via Warsaw. After its arrival in Siedlce, the FLIRT train will form the centrepiece of the official celebrations of the grand opening of Stadler’s Polish Rail Vehicle Assembly Plant on ul. Targowa 50, which is also the head office of Stadler Polska Sp. z o.o. As the first regions to order the trains in Poland, the Mazovia and Silesia voivodships will join such places as Basel and Wiesental in Switzerland, South Tirol in Austria, Nordrhein-Westfalen in Germany, Gargano in Italy, Budapest in Hungary and Helsinki in Finland, where the FLIRT trains have been ordered since their Swiss debut in 2002. The low-floor FLIRT trains to be assembled in Siedlce represent the most modern rail technology available in the world. The modern, comfortable FLIRT train is a 4-part electric railcar with a friendly design, with 212 seats and 284 places for standing passengers. It has been designed to provide accessibility to all carriages without steps, and passenger compartments designed without barriers. They are equipped with a large number of doors – 8 on each side – which allows for rapid passenger exchange. Special steps, which fold under the floor of the wagons make it easier for passengers to embark from low-level platforms. The cars have well equipped passenger compartments and wide entering platforms. There is a generous multipurpose area in the middle carriage for prams, bicycles and larger items of luggage. There are also places for wheelchairs, folding chairs, and also a toilet especially adapted for the needs of the physically handicapped. There is also special wheelchair access via the signed doors in the middle carriage, which are equipped with a descending platform and access ramps, depending on the height of the platform in a particular station. Stadler Rail Group, the system supplier of customer-specific solutions for rail vehicle construction, incor-porates Stadler Altenrhein AG, Stadler Bussnang AG, and Stadler Winterthur AG in Switzerland in addi-tion to the two German locations, Stadler Pankow GmbH in Berlin and Stadler Weiden GmbH in Bavaria, and plants in Pusztaszabolcs in Hungary and Siedlce in Poland. The Group employs a workforce of ap-proximately 2,350 around the world. The best known vehicle series from the Stadler Rail Group are the globally successful GTW articulated railcar (429 trains sold), the Regio Shuttle RS1 (354 trains sold) and the Fast Light Innovative Regional Turbo-train FLIRT (335 trains sold). Stadler has also successfully es-tablished itself in the streetcar and tram market with the product series Variobahn (161 vehicles sold) and the newly developed Tango (90 vehicles sold). Furthermore, Stadler manufactures passenger carriages and diesel-electric locomotives and is also a world leading manufacturer of rack rail vehicles. In Novem-ber 2006, Stadler Rail AG Group received the 2006 SBB Supplier Achievement Award from the Swiss SBB railways, as the best supplier of rail vehicles. For further information, please contact: Stadler Rail Group, Vincenza Trivigno, Secretary General, Mobile : +41 79 430 69 68, Fax: +4171 626 21 28, www.stadlerrail.ch, Questia, Hanna Dymek, Agnieszka Podraza, Phone: +48 22 623 07 00

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