MÁV-START Co. and Stadler Bussnang AG signed an agreement about the maintenance of FLIRT trains

MÁV-START Railway Passenger Transport Co. completed the open negotiated public procurement process for the maintenance and cleaning of FLIRT trains.

The process was started on 16 October 2008, the participating companies had one month to submit their applications in the prequalification phase. The participants had the opportunity to prepare bids for the maintenance and cleaning of 30 FLIRT trains for 30 years, on the condition that at least 94% of the trains will always have to be ready for service and operation without any interruption. Finally Stadler Bussnang AG submitted the winning bid, which has been approved by the Board of Directors and the Supervisory Board of MÁV-START Co, as well as the Board of Directors of the founder Hungarian State Railways Co. The service agreement was signed by MÁV START Co. and Stadler Bussnang AG on 7 May 2009, after the official announcement of the tender result.

The maintenance and cleaning of the trains, like in the case of the first batch of FLIRTs, will be performed at the maintenance depo of Stadler Rail Group in Pusztaszabolcs.

Jürg Gygax, Executive Vice President of Stadler Rail Group said in relation with the agreement: “We are very delighted about this maintenance contract. It also expresses how satisfied MAV is with our FLIRTs on the one hand and with the maintenance of the first FLIRT batch on the other hand. We appreciate very much the trust MAV is giving us with this additional contract also because it helps us to strengthen our presence in Hungary.”

Hungarian State Railways Co. and Stadler signed the delivery agreement for the 30+30 electric suburban trains in 2006. In 2007 December, after the successful delivery of the first batch of 30 FLIRTs, MÁV assigned Stadler to start producing and delivering the option too.

Stadler already started the delivery of the trains in January 2009, 2 months earlier than determined in the delivery agreement. Stadler’s newly inaugurated plant in Szolnok is also taking part in the production of the FLIRT trains, the plant joins the production process with the welding and painting of body shells of at least 7 FLIRTs. The last trains of the new fleet will expectedly enter service in February 2010.

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